The Giving Course with Vandana Shiva

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The Giving Course with Vandana Shiva

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You are invited to participate in this new course on food consciousness: “The Giving Course with Vandana Shiva”, brought to you by Guardians Worldwide.

This is a transformative and inspiring online community course that will reshape your views on food and healthy nutrition forever. Learn from Vandana Shiva and other Indigenous leaders about topics like food sovereignty, seed justice, indigenous science, and much more.
Have you asked yourself:
  • Where does my food come from?
  • How can I grow my own food?
  • What is the state of the world’s food security?
  • Will changing my food habits help combat climate change?
  • What can I learn from indigenous science and Ayurveda?
  • How does my food consumption affect deforestation and the water crisis?

After all we took away, it is time to give back.

Guardians Worldwide invites you to this unique online community course on food consciousness. If you want to meet lots of like-minded people, share your ideas and projects, network, and learn from our amazing teachers, join them.

​This food consciousness course covers seven themes:

  • Food sovereignty
  • Ayurveda medicine
  • Seed justice
  • Forest food systems and wild beekeeping
  • Indigenous science
  • Women and food
  • What food to buy to protect the environment

Why take this course now? The way we eat has a direct impact on climate change and biodiversity loss. We need to change our current commodity system to a forest food production system, and transition toward locally produced and self-subsistent ways of living. This community course will raise food awareness and build, strengthen, and connect food-conscious communities and people around the world. No longer can we act as individuals, as single authors of our lives. We must act as interdependent communities, growing and sharing the earth’s nourishment. Change starts when we give back.

The teachers on this journey are:

  • Vandana Shiva – World renowned Indian activist, campaigner, and author. Vandana will teach about seed justice, food sovereignty, and international women’s food movements.
  • Mahesh Mathapati – Member of the Lingayat people of India, Mahesh grew up as a tribal in the Sahyadri forest of Maharashtra. He will teach traditional Ayurveda medicine, food spirituality, and tribal food-growing techniques.
  • Tawana Kariri Xoko – Spiritual leaders of the Kariri-Xoko peoples of Northeastern Brazil, original inhabitants of the Atlantic Forest, Tawana will teach about indigenous science and forest food.
  • Claudia Cruz Kariri Xoko – Claudia will teach indigenous forest cooking and rituals of thanksgiving.
  • Leonard Mindore – Leonard is a member of the indigenous Ogiek peoples of Kenya. He is a land defender and environmentalist. He will teach about wild bees, wild honey, and forest tree nurseries in Mau forest, drawing on traditional ecological knowledge.
  • Nicolas Salazar Sutil – Nic is the founder and director of Guardians Worldwide, editor of Minority Rights Group, and Consultant for the Tenure Facility. He is a community builder and human/nature rights advocate. He will teach about foods and markets that drive deforestation.

Change will not happen from the outside. It will happen from within. From that part of you that feeds and is fed: your soul.

 The course will take place every Wednesday at 7.30 PM GMT from May 3 for 7 weeks.
Limited availability! Hurry up to save your place here.
Food connects us to all places, and to the one and only earth that nourishes us all

   – Vandana Shiva

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03/05/2023 @ 07:30 PM (BST) to


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