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PRODUCTION OF SOCIAL SPACE: Hi, It is easily felt that in the entire Indian subcontinent ‘we’ are badly insensitive to all our children’s primary dignity, their basic rights (living with convenience, delight) are being compromised or ignored deliberately. Despite inadequate quality ‘Social Space’ we unanimously force/compel them to live through in this society to comply with our desires. Our common emotions are restricted to mechanical nature by the Culture of Poverty(Oscar Lewis) irrespective of gender/religion, dwell in slums/house-rooms. Nurturing this evil right inside our own household, having no clear idea about its inception. Keep rolling an indifferent pattern/trend of parenthood by own procreation only (petty consumerism, animal instinct: indeed a crime). Similarly, least bothered/regret about mass corruption, crooked Politics, dull Public Workplace, deplorable environment, organized hatred. Any attempt to deleting hopelessness syndrome, corruption (immoral) psyche and install modernity, positive values(pure love) in our mindset requires an intense, unprejudiced participation(one real thrust): refrain from the pleasure, comfort of producing any child by any means till the society improves precisely, instead adopt or sponsor child born in extreme poverty around us. Once we passionately can implicate a wise, optimist adaptation of Production of Space (Henri Lefebvre) decent, dedicated Politics/Governance shall come up in time.

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