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Untold Stories

A space for creativity and interaction in which people can share reflections, stories, pictures, music, and art relating to Nature.

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What is Untold Stories?

Untold Stories is a collective space

for reflecting about the diverse and interconnected ways in which we live with the more-than-human world during this time of awakening.

Untold Stories was started as a project during the COVID pandemic to reflect about the message Nature is giving us during the crisis, but it continued as a way to disseminate the local stories that are emerging which unveil the unjust system we live in, and to dream of different possible futures.

The Untold Stories project is a joint multimedia collaboration between GARN, the USFQ Speculative Hub Research Network, and CEDENMA, to create a living, community-driven archive for our times so that we can write the story of what is happening right now, highlighting the fact that the crises we are going through are direct consequences of Nature’s destruction, instead of letting powerful governments monopolize the narrative and present a distorted interpretation of what we are living, which is indeed an opportunity of change and awakening.

This is a great opportunity to think about the future and to rethink our relationship with nature.

untold stories

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